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..Friday, March 2, 2012..


"Waaa!!! This Kind of timing outside, even if get extra or sol I also don't mind sia"

That was what we all think on our first sneak out. Never did I expect that extra or sol was not the highest price paid, but in the end, it is a relationship.

Cost is something that is forever not constant, it varies especially when it comes to dealing with life. there is too much possible one outcome. You can predict the worse senario but you will never be certain about the real outcome.

What I thought about the cost of it was extra/sol but it becomes my own relationship. This case it cost more.

I have nothing else to say too. This first incident is a mistake but now it was seen as a repeat case, what am I to say? I don wish to read on.

If your instinct is so strong why not sense that this is my FIRST time going out?

Passive is My Stand Now.

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..Sunday, January 23, 2011..

When Something Presented To One Is Not One Is Looking For, It Is Mostly Chucked Aside.

Not That Anyone Is In The Wrong.

It's Just What You provided Is Just Not What The Person Really Needs.

That's All.
Nothing Personal.
As Long As You Know You Had Done Your Best.
You Overlook This Kind Of Disappointment Easily.


I Read Through All My Past Blog Post and Spiritual Report. Nearly All Of Them Revolves Around A Particular Value. But Each Time, It Has A Different Meaning Added To It.

I Thank God That I was Mould And Shape Towards How I Am Today. Thus Able To Serve My Purpose. This Value Has Really Bring Me Far.

This Value Teach Me How To Love and Keep Me Strong.

I Believe This Value Ultimately Will Make Me Generous, Expand My Heart.
Let Me Have A Big Heart To Accept Even More.


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..Wednesday, May 12, 2010..

I mean, why didn't I thought of blogging until now?

Mind creates the world.
Mind frame the world.
Mind Limit ability.

Mind either Builds or Destroy.
Mind either makes Progress or Delay.

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..Thursday, May 6, 2010..

Now you know why I guard so hard?

But then what happens, happens.

But then again,
she thinks of all the negative before a positve opinion comes by her mind.

That is all =)

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..Tuesday, April 20, 2010..


David was appointed king by God and was lead to places after places by God trough prophet. In 1Samuel 22:5, he was called to go to Judah and later in the story in 2 Samuel, he really was appoint to be the king of Judah. In the mids of progressing to be the king, Saul want his life, plot to him kill him whenever possible.

In each of our lives, we were too, appointed to be king over certain things that God want us to have. And it is always just a simple act of obedince to His words, to his guidance that then we will be able to achieve what God want us to be, in the mids of all the trouble, set backs in lives. Of course, our trouble is just as serious as the main problem that David is facing. Just as Saul wants david killed, the devil want to destroy us.

True Obedince To The Word of God Brings Victory.

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..Tuesday, April 13, 2010..

Felt Like Jamming,
Kept Imagining Playing "Breathe".

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..Monday, March 22, 2010..

The Law of Attraction - a office mate share this two weeks ago

Feeling and thoughts can attract events that comes into your life. Positive attract people, negative repels. It not so much of actions anymore. I kind of agree to it. After all, humans is made up of body, mind and spirit. Thoughts by mind, feelings by spirit. Due to this, I believe whatever that the body does, doesn't really mean much anymore. One may force himself to good things that appear happy but if deep inside is a negative field, repeling still happens.

I know myself as a classic example. it totally change eversince I had a change of mindset. People like flowing into my life and everything just change to a everyday-happy-moment.

Success, meeting/achieving one's desire is not a bad thing, but if doing it neglects other, I rather not. According to my knoweledge, I believe this is not really talking about attracting positivity into your life. But instead having that positivity, and then attract people into your life and bring benefit to every single one of them.

Whether we like it or not, everyone of us is able to sense one another subconiously. And whether we like it or not, our expression, posture and actions will show wether are we attracted or repelled. There is sure kind souls out there who has poker face to hidden their fustration but in the end it just don't give both party any help.

Whether a person really is positive or not, on another hand, is totally not known.

Let's just put it this way.

Poker face can be used perfectly to hide how you feel on the inside.
But Poker face cannot hide what you feels about others.(One's actions just gives it away)

Only you yourself know how what state are you in. All this things can all be easiler answered. But the root of every problem, if you realised, will always boil down to this question.

"Are you for yourself, or for others?"

And like what was mention, Poker face will not be about to fully cover one's feeling towards another person. Go deep into observing everyone around you can you might just find whether you are really attracting or repelling.

Even if one is waking with reserved power and knoweledge, but with that attraction, people will still want you to play a part in their lives.


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